Lowell can't afford
to lose more of its local aid.

Times are tough. Lowell has been doing all that it can to maintain essential services, even with reduced local aid due to the economic downturn. The coming year will be even more challenging since part of our local aid this year, as well as the aid to the school districts our children attend, came from federal stimulus funding, and we will lose that regardless of Question 3. The following table shows the projected local aid impact, including the total aid change since the start of the downturn.

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State AidARRAQuestion 3One-year CutCut Since '08
Lowell total182,851,716-11,427,716-20,197,823-17 %-21 %
Municipality: Lowell
Local aid23,005,149-1,483,832-2,622,587-18 %-45 %
Roads and bridges1,440,723-92,927-164,242-18 %-16 %
Local aid total24,445,872-1,576,759-2,786,829-18 %-44 %
School district: Lowell
Chapter 70121,535,723-7,839,054-13,855,072-18 %-15 %
Special education (est)1,189,625-76,731-135,617-18 %-45 %
Other aid3,027,586-195,279-345,145-18 %-53 %
District total125,752,934-8,111,064-14,335,834-18 %-17 %
School district: Greater Lowell
Chapter 7021,216,698-1,368,477-2,418,704-18 %-13 %
Student transportation817,059-52,700-93,145-18 %-46 %
Other aid148,713-9,592-16,953-18 %-44 %
District total22,182,470-1,430,769-2,528,802-18 %-15 %
School district: Essex Agricultural
Chapter 704,240,103-273,487-483,372-18 %-15 %
Student transportation538,322-34,722-61,369-18 %-36 %
Other aid5,692,015-915-1,6174 %
District total10,470,440-309,124-546,358-8 %-7 %
Estimated impact on state aid to local communities if Question 3 passes.
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Estimated impact on state aid to local communities if Question 3 passes.
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